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Perogies ❤️❤️

Last summer one of my faves came to our farm and spent a couple days. She taught me how to make traditional Ukrainian Perogies. There's just something about spending time with people you love in the kitchen. Talking, listening to music. Collaborating on how to make things better or more efficient. After a day of cooking, I often reflect back on my time in my fave place with my fave people on this beautiful piece of property. Is there anything that connects people better, in my world no. Trading recipes and breaking bread with family will always be a very important part of my life. To be able to cook from scratch and give the people I love something made with my hands is something I'll never get enough.

Spend time in the kitchen. That's my best advice. Teach your kids , take of your parents by making them meals. It's so rewarding.

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