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My kitchen must haves.

I'm a big fan of easy, I started cooking with very easy "how to " videos that only included a few ingredients. The more steps and the more ingredients, the more stressed out I would get. I needed to make the best stuff with very little work! LOL I mean, Do you want to knead dough, shake cream, stir for soooo long??? ME NEITHER that being said, I do know how to do it the hard way too. I encourage you to learn too, but we have gadgets to make life easier! So I say, USE THEM!

Immersion Blender

Stand Mixer

Bread Maker


Dutch Oven



I never knew I needed an immersion blender until my sis in law got me one for making mayo,

When I say it changed my life......It really did. Sauces and dressings are great but creamy soups is where it's at.

The stand mixer is on our counter most days, Mostly because it's so heavy LOL but for real, it's used at least twice a week for butter and then all the dough we make keeps it busy the rest of the week.

Bread maker, oh how I love thee........ throw all ingredients in and walk away. Fresh bread smell in a few hours. Do I really need to say more?

Vitamix, really any good blender will do. I like that I can put hot stuff in. I really just think every kitchen needs a smoothie maker ☺️

With a Dutch oven you can do everything in one pot pretty much. Then you can throw it in the oven with no worries. We use ours for soups and stews mostly but bread turns out beautifully in these as well. Plus, they are so pretty!!

If it weren't for my mom buying me my first crockpot, my kids surly would have starved. I seriously knew nothing about the kitchen. I started with chicken breast and a jar of honey garlic sauce. We all need to start somewhere. If you're busy like most people this is for you. Turn it on in the morning and eat when you get home. It's that easy!

Last but not least, my beloved dehydrator! Fruit leather, herbs, veggie powder, fruit powder, chips. I could go on, you'll see. This machine is so great once you figure out how much you can do with it.

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